Portable Bicycle Chain Cleaner
Portable Bicycle Chain Cleaner

Portable Bicycle Chain Cleaner

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It can clean chains, freewheel cogs, chain rings quickly and easily.
Incorporates an extra large reservoir and two step cleaning process to draw metal particles away from chain
Works with all multi-speed bicycles and some single-speed models
Effectively keeping them from being redistributed on the chain during cleaning
Size: 13cm * 4cm * 6.5cm

1.Open cover, pour into diesel or gasoline, put into chain again, cover cover, turn chain, until the chain is clean.
2.Pour out diesel, join few liquefied detergent Chan water, the chain again washes once and finish washing to use to do the cloth does chain Mao, the chain is getting cleaner this time.
3.Connect down, don't forget the theest most important one step, must chain an oil, otherwise the chain promises to become rusty several days later.
Attention :
Don't forget to take a bath for your chain after hard journey returns, good lubrication degree, will spread system your whole set to keep a high-efficiency operation over a long period of time.