Ridge Outdoors Packin Tee Shirt Gun Holster - Shirt Only
Ridge Outdoors Packin Tee Shirt Gun Holster - Shirt Only

Ridge Outdoors Packin Tee Shirt Gun Holster - Shirt Only

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Ridge Outdoors Packin Tee Shirt Gun Holster - Shirt Only Product Info

The Ridge Outdoors Packin' Tee Shirt w/ Gun Holster has been designed to be the ultimate t-shirt for concealed weapons. This Weapon Holster T-Shirt from Ridge Outdoors is universal for use with either a right or left handed gun holster. The Ridge Outdoors Packin' Tee uses a heavy duty industrial strength hook and loop fastening system (comparable to Velcro) for the side attachment pads. This material that this Ridge Outdoors Holster Shirt is made from is used in many applications such as outdoor wear, medical industry, clothing, footwear, etc. The heavy duty hook and loop attachment pads on both sides of the Ridge Outdoors Packin' Holster Tee Shirt offers the ability to use one side for the gun holster and the other side for the Packin' Tee accessories: the Wallet Accessory Pouch (which can also be used for cell phones, etc.) and the Magazine Pouch for carrying an additional magazine.

Looking to add pouches to your Ridge Outdoors Packin Tee Shirt? Check out the Packin Tee Shirt Holster, the Packin Tee Shirt Accessory Pouch and the Packin Tee Shirt Magazine Pouch.

(NOTE: Please Note That Accessory Pouches Sold Separately)

Features of Ridge Outdoors Packin Tee Shirt - Gun Holster:

  • 100% Pre Shrunk Cotton
  • Extended Length
  • Ability to have holster on left side, right side or both
  • Re-enforced mounting pads, shoulder and arm holes to prevent sagging
  • Commercial grade hook & loop attachment pads for ease of switching accessories

Package Contents:

  • Ridge Outdoors Packin' Tee Shirt Gun Holster
Ridge Outdoors 401:3X: Packin Tee Shirt, Black, 3XL
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Ridge Outdoors 301:3X: Packin Tee Shirt, White, 3XL
Ridge Outdoors 301:4X: Packin Tee Shirt, White, 4XL
Ridge Outdoors 301:L: Packin Tee Shirt, White, Large
Ridge Outdoors 301:M: Packin Tee Shirt, White, M
Ridge Outdoors 301:S: Packin Tee Shirt, White, S
Ridge Outdoors 301:XL: Packin Tee Shirt, White, XL
Ridge Outdoors 401:2X: Packin Tee Shirt, Black, 2XL
Ridge Outdoors 401:4X: Packin Tee Shirt, Black, 4XL
Ridge Outdoors 401:L: Packin Tee Shirt, Black, Large
Ridge Outdoors 401:M: Packin Tee Shirt, Black, M
Ridge Outdoors 401:S: Packin Tee Shirt, Black, S
Ridge Outdoors 401:XL: Packin Tee Shirt, Black, XL